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Over $200 Million in Capital Deployed in 2022

InvestorHunt is looking to lend both short and long-term on multifamily and storage commercial assets. We're always looking to acquire. Reach out today to see how InvestorHunt can assist you in your investment goals.

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About InvestorHunt

At InvestorHunt we're committed to building relationships.  When you work with our team, you'll experience speed and certainty of execution - so that you can find the right solution for your multifamily and storage investment needs.

InvestorHunt provides both short and long term lending strategies for real estate investors and is actively looking to acquire assets in numerous states. Our team of real estate investment professionals are always ready to assist you by:

  • Underwriting your proposition and sending a competitive offer
  • Assisting in the formation of syndicates
  • Packaging loans to assets and presenting it to our established network of long-term, vetted investors. 

Our relationships win us many deals as our employees work to build lasting relationships with our investors to bring a personal touch to the lending and acquisition business. 

We work to close on the requested closing date, working closely with the necessary parties to meet our commitments. Speed and dedication to providing your desired exit or purchase is what sets us apart. 


Where We Lend

We specialize in buying, bridging, and lending opportunities in multiple states across the country. 

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Getting started with InvestorHunt is easy.  Apply online today to begin the process of selling, bridging, or refinancing your property.